Samstag, 5. Februar 2011


Yesterday, I had halfpipe semifinals with 8 other girls and I could reach my goal: I got a diploma with a good and solid 8th place. I was so happy to ride with these girls, most of whom I had already seen ride in Vancouver 2010 or at big TTR events this season and I look up to them a lot! I'm superstoked!!

Today, we had slopestyle practice and I jumped the big kickers but they really suck. The landings are too flat and they just don't work out. I hope they change something until tomorrow.
I already more than fulfilled all my expectations and don't want to hurt myself so I'll take it easy tomorrow. If the kickers are still not rideable I'll just go shred the pipe some more and cheer for Corinne Suter and other friends I made here :)

Check out coverage from yesterday and the day before:
(Very bad) photo of me on the official Universiade website

from the Swiss newsletter

I'm on the left, Jonas Zbinden (who I'm very proud of) on the right.

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