Dienstag, 8. Februar 2011

ERZURUM #6 (a.k.a. Maribor #1)

It' so good to be back!
The last day was a little disappointing. First, the slopstyle was cancelled due to strong winds (good decision though!), and then, during the absolutely amazing closing ceremony, some stuff was stolen from our rooms. My iPod had to leave me but I'm over it, already ordered a new one :).
As I said, the closing ceremony (in a soccer stadium) was great. All the athletes walked in and got a lot of applause and then there was some awesome traditional dancing.

At the Universiade, it's a tradition to change all your stuff with the other countries. For example, I have a Turkey hat and a Canada jacket. And at the last evening, I traded a Slovenian jacket. That meant a lot to me since I have some distant relations in Maribor and the next Universiade will be in Maribor in 2013. I definitely want to go there since this was an incredible experience and I'd like to make it again.
So this jacket symbolizes my ambitions very well. :)

So, I'm back home now and if anyone wants to hear more about my week in Turkey, let me know and we'll meet. :)
I'll be in Laax until school starts again in 2 weeks. Next week, I'll probably go to Grindelwald for another halfpipe competition and in about 3 weeks, I'll do another railjam in Üri, I thik.
For now, I'm just chillig a little and thinking about what I've learned for life in Erzurum. And that's a lot!

Here some video impressions:

(closing ceremony)

(Manu Eicher skicross gold medal)

(HP Finals, Chinese winner rode really well!)

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