Sonntag, 15. Mai 2011

3 days with Diana

Turns out, that wasn't the last edit of the season after all. Last week, I got a spontaneus invitation from Diana Sadlowski, who lives in Innsbruck. So I went there on Tuesday night and we straight drove to Ramsau where we could stay at a lovely house with some of the Lipstick girls and some Slovenian boys. We stayed at Dachstein one day and it was really good. I've wanted to shred that perfect rail line there for a long time and it was as great as I expected it to be.
The next two days, we stayed in Innsbruck and rode in Stubai which is about an hour from IBK. Friday was Diana's birthday, so here's my little birthday edit for her. Don't expect too much, I turned out to be a lousy filmer and even lousier snowboarder that day.
So, those were my very last days on snow for this season... Thanks again, Diana!

Stubai Birthday Edit from Gina Somaini on Vimeo.

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