Sonntag, 1. Mai 2011

Last edit and summer preview

Winter's over!
I have a crying and a laughing eye, though. I'm very looking forward to this summer: first, of course, I have a LOT of studying to do again because this summer, I'll hopefully have my Bachelor of Human Medicine, YAY. Then, from July 11th until August 12th, me and Carla will go to Bali. I'll finally learn how to surf! We're really looking forward to that.
Carla has her entry test for Sports Science studies in Basel in July, so she'll be exercising a lot in the next few months.

The last edit for this season is ready, too. We didn't film much anymore, since there really wasn't any snow left. But there are some nice shots from Carla with pretty good FS7 attempts. Sadly, the GoPro battery was empty when we wanted to film some of her first backflips, so we had to shoot it with a cell phone :)
The edit also contains a few shots of me riding at the PBRJ Finals in Laax. Sadly, I didn't place at the Top 5, but nevertheless it was one of the best days of the season! I got to ride with Urska again and I met Ana Rumiha from Croatia, whose riding I like very much and she's a cool person! :) Plus, Joelle Juchli, one of my favourite people to shred with, got 4th and Mary Luggen from Austria, who's a really cool person, too, won! The level at the PBRJ was crazy high and it was such a joy to see that also the style in female jibbing is getting better. Thanks to everyone who was there and to Volcom for another awesome event!

Anyway, check out the edit and enjoy your summer!! I know I will!

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