Freitag, 7. Oktober 2011

Last Day of Summer & How It All Began

Last wednesday, Carla and I went snowboarding in Zermatt. The weather forecast told us that it would be the last beautiful and warm day of the year, so we chose to celebrate the end of summer by going shredding - what else!
We have been to Zermatt twice this summer, once as coach (Carla) and assistant/Pausenclown (Gina) of the Girls Freestyle Camp (check it out: Swiss Snowboard Girls) and once for the Swiss Championships. We were waiting for a chance to check out the kickers and jib line by ourselves and it presented itself to us on said wednesday. Enough said, just watch the edit..
(I also put in some old footage that our daddy filmed when he took us to the snowpark on the Vorab Glacier in Laax in spring 2000 for the first time! I was 9 and Carla 8 years old back then.. Gosh, we're getting OLD!)

By the way, the song is taken from Architecture in Helsinki's newest album (which is rather awesome). Check the music video:

And here's another very inspiring video I just came across... It's so amazing how much talent, style and progression Leticia Bufoni has brought into women's skateboarding:

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