Montag, 24. Oktober 2011


photo by Paudy

I hurt myself at the Rhino Jam last weekend. I'm lucky though, it's only the ligaments in my ankle. I've had that before and I guess I'll be fully recovered in about 6 weeks. I have to walk on crutches at the moment but not for long I think.
The jam was awesome!! The level of riding was crazy, big props to Joelle Juchli, Steffi Kauer, Mary Luggen and also Veroniqi Hanssen who came all the way from Holland! Stay tuned for an edit...

Next weekend will be a blast, too: Friday, the Lipstick premiere tour is coming to Zurich, I'm really excited to see that movie. On saturday, there's the Isenseven premier and on sunday, the biggest gathering of the snowboarding scene in Switzerland will take place next door to where I live at the iceripper Flohmi!

And while I'm waiting for my ligaments to heal I can look forward to the new season which also means a new season of Crap show!

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