Sonntag, 22. Januar 2012


I went to get an MRI done last week in order to see if there may be an indication for surgery on my ankle. I got good and bad news. Good news is that there's no surgery necessary at the moment and the cartilage is alright. The bad news is that not only my anterior ankle ligament is ruptured (which is very common, and heals pretty quickly) but also the syndesmosis between the fibula and tibia as well as the articular capsule are fully torn. As a result, my whole ankle joint is still inflamed and has considerable effusion. This means that the recovery takes much longer than I originally thought. However, open surgery on the ankle still has a worse outcome so it's better to leave the body alone and let it do the healing for now. I really can't tell how long it takes, I was surprised to see in the MRI that the healing is making only slow progress. I got a shot of cortison in my ankle joint to ease the pain and inflammation but it's only a symptomatic treatment, so I still shouldn't strain my ankle too much for at least another month.
Unbelievable that one can be injured for half a year from a bail like that:

Anyhow, there's also stuff to look forward to! My exam is over next week, after that I'll go to Munich for the ISPO and after that I'll finally do some of the stuff I've always postponed, like getting my driver's permit (watch out!) and stuff like that.

I'll see how it goes with my ankle but I promised myself I wouldn't go riding at all until I can go jogging for half an hour without any pain.

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