Freitag, 23. März 2012


Last weekend, we did a little roadtrip to Grasgehren in Germany (Thank you for the big car, Never Summer!). One of the many Peanut Butter and Rail Jam Qualifications was going on there and we tried to make the top 5 in order to qualify for the Euro Champs which are gonna be next week in Avoriaz!
I made the top spot, Stephie and Barbara made 2nd and 4th, so it was a very successful day for us Swizzys. The level of riding was pretty nice, big props to Anika, she killed it.
Thank you Volcom, you always know how to throw a good event!

I'm looking forward to the Champs now, it's going to be such a great session, with JJ and Gaia and many many chicks from all other countries also coming along!

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