Dienstag, 25. September 2012

Girls Camp, freestyle.ch, Rock the Rail

A couple of weeks ago I was coach at the "Girls Camp" in Zermatt, a camp initiated by Ursina Haller to show the kids that we girls can rock the park just as well as the guys! I loved it and am already looking forward to my next session with the girls. Snowboarding went really well, too, I think I have fully recovered now and can hit the kickers and pipe again!

Last weekend, the most famous freestyle event in Switzerland, namely freestyle.ch, took place and I was a proud part of the Rip Curl booth. We had one of the biggest crowd surrounding our little location and the kids were stoked about the caps and pens we gave them and let them be creative with. Feels so good to put a smile on a little kid's face!

In 2 weeks, I'm heading to The Hague for a big rail jam in the middle of the city. It's called the Protest Rock a Rail 2012 and I'm going there with my favourite jib buddies JJ, Mary, Isy and Gaia. We will leave a few days prior to the contest in order to also check out the Indoor parks in Holland.

Winter is coming, it's already getting cold! The Laax season is already supposed to start in 4 weeks. I'm getting excited!!

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