Dienstag, 16. Oktober 2012

Collecting bruises in Holland

There are good trips and there are not so good trips. And there are trips like the one we did last week: a crazy bunch of girls who are all on the same page, who want to have fun together, talk shit and laugh all day.
But first things first. It all started for me on monday night, when I took the train to Chur, where Joelle collected me and we drove to Serfaus where we could stay at Mary's hotel. Exhausted as we were, we had to check out the wellness area at 10pm and fell in love with the Tepidarium which basically is just a infrared breeder and made us feel like newborn chickens. Perfect start for a trip like this.
Isabella, Sarah, Bianca (photographer) and Neil (filmer) joined us and our little crew was complete. The next day we had to fit 7 people, 7 suitcases, 7 snowboards and a lot of other stuff in a VW bus which was quite the challenge but as we all used to be Tetris champions ages ago it all went well. So did our 12-hour-ride to Leusden, where Isabella's mom let us stay for 2 nights. Thank you!
The next day, we did some sightseeing, shopping and of course, snowboarding at Snowworld Zoetermeer. It was very sketchy at the beginning. We all (except for Isa of course) had to get used to the 5cm of artificial snow with the bare ice layer underneath. We collected some considerable bruises and felt 10 years older that night.
The next day went a lot better. Having gotten used to the fridge (-10°!) everyone  threw some heavy tricks on the perfectly shaped set up. Stay tuned for some photos and an edit! Anyway, that night, we drove to The Hague, where Rik (from Rock A Rail) let us stay at a church for free. Thank you! After going out and checking out Dutch fast food and of course the set up for the next day we went to bed very happy and very nervous!
Contest day started out pretty shitty as it was raining practically the whole day. Nevertheless, we managed to get motivated pretty fast and when the sun came out during practise everyone was hyped on riding this huge thing! All girls really went for it and I still can't believe I made 3rd place. I'm not going to say anything more than: We had a blast!! Check out the photos, articles and videos!
Big big props to Rachida, Dina Treland, Joelle Juchli, Mary Luggen, Sarah Jane Phillips, Isabella Groenestein, Veroniqi Hanssen!


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