Samstag, 27. Oktober 2012


I present to you two awesome new online video parts.

Desiree's riding has impressed me ever since seeing her in Runway Films "La La Land" from 2007. Speaking of it, I really really miss those movies! I remember, the first all girls movie I ever saw was in 2005, Misschief Films' " if!" and I was so excited when I ordered the DVD online and watched it on my TV at home. I was 15, just started riding in the funparks and those girls became my greatest heroes. The season after that, RoShamBo came out, followed by Runway's "La La Land" and "See What I See". That was a special era, the "DVD ordering" era. After that, the online movies "STANCE" and of course, the Peep Show and the Lipstick girls came up. Snowboard movies have changed so much and it's such a pity that I can't even seem to find the trailer for "As if" anymore. I guess, I will have to go through my DVD collection and upload those movies to the world wide web because it's worth so much to see the progression in (female) snowboard films!

 Jess, on the other hand, I saw for the first time in the second Peep Show movie, I think. But I heard she's been around for years, riding halfpipe competition and other stuff. She's quite the allrounder which impresses me a lot. Check out her part from her own webseries "Barely".

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