Samstag, 28. Dezember 2013

REHAB Phase III: hitting the slopes, Lindsey Vonn

I can´t even believe it myself: I´m back in the snow! As my rehab is going really well and I haven´t felt any pain or instability in weeks I thought I would give it a try and hit  the slopes. It felt really good, almost natural and I´m loving the new Never Summer Onyx board!
I will have to take this into consideration when talk about surgery with my doctor soon. I still have to undergo surgery, otherwise I should just about register for a knee prothesis in five years. However, finishing the season first, or at least a part of it, has become my plan A at the moment.
Also, I have some other stuff planned, like trips to the USA, Jamaica and Istanbul. I´m sure this will help me not to get overexcited about snowboarding (and maybe go for it too hard) and also enjoy other things in life. This summer, I will have a lot of studying to do since my final (yes, final final) exams are coming up and if all goes well, I can call myself a doctor in about 9 months!

This might sound weird, but there´s one athlete who has had a huge impact on me this last 3 months. Lindsey Vonn, one of the best alpine skiers at the moment also re-ruptured her ACL and is now finishing her season without an ACL with the humble goal of winning the olympics. I admit, there are only tiny parallels between her and me but she´s still a huge inspiration and I really believe that I can still hit a few rails on P60 this season! Thanks Lindsey. And thanks Don Joy!

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