Freitag, 10. Januar 2014

REHAB Phase IV: Curnius all day. CT in Feb.

My knee feels really good right now. I've been riding the "P60" aka Curnius park in Laax (=lots of rails and creative obstacles) and haven't had pain or swelling in my knee at all. Although I'm still not giving a 100%, I can have so much fun with just safe jibbing!

Today, I had a doctor's appointment. Turns out I have to go get a CT first (an image of my knee that's similar to the MRI I had in september but is more accurate to analyse the bone structures). If the "hole" in my bone from my last operation turns out to be too big, it has to be filled again, which means that after a kind of bone-filling operation I would have to wait another 6 months for my actual operation, meaning the ACL-re-transplantation, which also has a recovery time of 6-9 months. It would really be a never-ending story so please keep your fingers crossed that the bone-filling operation wont be necessary and they can use the old drill canal for the new ACL!

No matter how the CT turns out, I will finish my season in Laax and have a good time just cruising around! Of course, physio and working out still is almost as important as snowboarding itself.

Last week, I had my last day of work so now I'm only snowboarding, studying and traveling. Off to Houston, Texas next week!

Happy times!

PS: I feel bad for Lindsey for having to give up on her ACL-less season. I wish her all the best for her next surgery and hope my experience will turn out better.

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