Freitag, 16. Mai 2014

REHAB Phase VI: Surgery! Finally!

After 6 months of ups and downs, of working out, physical therapy, finally being able to ride again, but also of disappointments: instability of the knee, pain and swelling and worsening symptoms resulting from my meniscal tear, I decided to get my knee fixed for the third time.
Right now, I'm home after 5 painful but still relaxing days in the hospital (my former employer Spital Uster), resting and only going out for physical therapy twice a week, or maybe for some lectures at University.

(Yes, the black band-aid is a tattoo, which ironically, I had done about 3 months prior to the accident. It was supposed to protect my knee from exactly that to happen again. Damn you, superstition!)

I don't regret not having surgery right away, I had a couple of really awesome weeks on my snowboard that otherwise would never have happened (Snowpark Laax). Plus, all my travels wouldn't have been possible. In my opinion, I chose exactly the right time to have surgery: Final exams are coming up in August and not being able to go out and party, to go swimming and tanning at Zürich's beautiful beaches is probably best for me at this moment.

Next season, I'll hopefully be ready to shred again! Gonna be mucho fun!

If you're interested, this is a video of the surgery that was performed on me (in German: Vordere Kreuzbandplastik (Patellarsehne) und mediale Meniskusnaht). To me, this is beautiful work!

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