Dienstag, 31. März 2015

Phase IX: weekend warrior, snow, congress

I have been working on my doctoral thesis for over 6 months now, which is forever in the medical world. I hope to get it published soon, so I'm allowed to carry a Dr. med./MD title with pride.
My research has brought me to a lot of lovely places, like Davos, Paris, Bologna and just recently, Copenhagen, which is always rainy when I visit, but amazing nevertheless!

I had a wonderful time in february in Davos, where I spent a few days at a congress and where I went riding again in the park, really riding the park for the first time since my injury. I started from scratch, with butter boxes and 3m kickers and got my confidence back for the big stuff!

The next few weekends I spent on P60. It's always so much fun to see what they're up to and how they change the setup every couple of days! Many props to Snowpark Laax. Also, the new halfpipe is quite a masterpiece. I don't feel quite ready yet to go big but I'm looking forward to next season for that.

Last weekend, the famous Jib Days by Gaia were on again. I had to pass last year because of my roadtrip through Jamaica but this year I was so motivated. Sadly, the weather killed that motivation a bit but we had such fun times on and off the snow anyways. Best weekend of the season so far!

As always, big compliments also go out to my sister for getting better and better and even developing some seriously good style! :-)

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